About us

Antonio Meat Products - better known as Breydel - is a modern and growing company specialised in preparing oven-braised meat products and delicacies. Its top products are Breydel Ham and Breydel Bacon.

All products are made from pure Belgian pork of the highest quality.
The products are sprinkled with a secret herb blend and braised in an authentic hot air oven, guaranteeing a unique flavour.

Innovation and product development are also a high-priority topic in Breydel. This results in an extensive range of high-quality products, such as the Breydel half-shank, Breydel Ham Mousse, the Breydel Ham Croquette, the Breydel Pork Rib-eye and Breydel Meat Loaves (plain, with cheese or with mustard).

The products are available from traditional butchers and/or supermarkets. The range also includes two certified regional products: Breydel Ham and Breydel Bacon. A confirmation of our traditional methods and skill!


Due to its oven-braised character, Breydel is much more than just cold-cuts. The products are also very suitable in culinary applications and hot preparations. Breydel has a range of options. It can be used as: breakfast, tapas, barbecue, a full meal or in salads.

Many top chefs, TV chefs, restaurant owners, companies in the catering sector and food bloggers make use of Breydel.

Social engagement

Breydel is more than a production company. Social engagement is an important aspect of the company’s mission. This is why Breydel organises the Breydel Feasts, among others. A cheerful popular party with a special climax: preparing a meal for at least 1,000 persons in a special Breydel pan that is almost 4 metres in diameter. Most of the revenue of the Breydel Feasts is donated to the Belgian NGO Trias / Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. Breydel also selected a long-term project, Conpapa in the Andes range in Ecuador. This helps the local population professionalise their small-scale potato crops.

Breydel promotion centre

Since July 2009, Breydel is established in a brand new multifunctional building, incorporating a modern production hall and a visitor centre, the Breydel promotion centre.

Below we listed the 4 pillars of our Breydel promotion centre:

Company tours

Would you like to see more of Breydel? Our Company Tour gives you a detailed introduction to our company in about 3 hours. This includes a company video, a visit to the production space and the ecological systems and finally, of course, a tasty sampling round of Breydel products.

Cooking workshops

As the brand slogan ‘Taste the ambiance, every day’ indicates, ambiance is what counts at Breydel. Cooking workshops are organised on a weekly basis in the Breydel buildings. Private persons can individually register for cooking sessions (themed and seasonal). Groups, companies or clubs can make reservations for a cosy team building activity.

You can enjoy a wonderful evening of interactive cooking with a Breydel chef or TV chef in charge. We always have a wonderful list of Belgian celebrity chefs on our agenda, including: Felix Alen, Piet Huysentruyt, Albert Verdeyen, Breydelchefs Stefaan Daeninck, Frédéric Decruyenaere, Peter Vereecke etc.


For as long as we can remember, we can count on a team of highly motivated ladies and gentlemen in the weekends supporting our sales in shops with sampling stands. These sampling events are very important. Our sampling teams bring our Breydel products closer to the consumers by giving them a taste, and help promote sales in your shop. So don’t be shy if you meet one of our ladies or gents in your familiar shopping place, and do not hesitate to taste our products!

B2B packages

Perhaps you wish us to organise a team-building activity for your company, group or organisation? A cooking workshop linked to a sporty event, or perhaps including a wine or beer sampling event? It is all possible!