Breydel Ham Extra

In this Breydel Ham, the bone is bound on the side. In view of its convenient model, this is the most popular oven ham. This Breydel Ham is also made in accordance with the traditional standards. The specific herb blend and the oven-braised character lend the tasty flavour typical of Breydel.

The Breydel Ham Extra weighs about 7 kilos and can be sliced fully with a machine. Our professional craftsmen carefully remove the internal fat to limit your cutting losses.

This certified regional product is suitable for fine butcher and deli shops. This is a traditionally prepared ham that will lend extra flavour as a cold-cut or in all your in-house preparations. The low-loss, rather square form provides you with excellent, large slices of ham.

This oven ham is an absolute eye-catcher for your lunch or dinner events, parties or buffets. The shape does not require the cutting expertise needed for the Breydel Ham on the bone. A ham clamp is therefore not necessary. A solid meat board and meat knife will suffice to spoil your guests. Easy to warm up and a guaranteed full-flavoured hit. Brings ambiance to your table!

Breydel Ham has been certified by VLAM (Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board) as regional product since 2009.

Average weight: 7 kg
Item Code Breydel Ham Extra: 099