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Teamwork and trust

The main strength of Breydel is the motivation of our people. What unites us, what makes us part of the Breydel family, is the enthusiasm that we bring to our work. This bond enables us to inspire, motivate and encourage one another.

We treat one another with respect and trust. Everyone is jointly responsible for adhering to our core values. That is how we experience the Breydel world on a daily basis. Being kind to one another also implies showing kindness to our customers, partners and suppliers.

Breydel offers different career options and enables people to pick up new challenges and learn new skills. To this end, we pay attention to training, but above all to employee health, safety and wellness.

By adopting a broad focus on sustainability and sharing our vision of corporate social responsibility, our people are ensuring the future of Breydel. A company that late father Antoine would have been proud of!

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