Our company's DNA
reydel* has been

synonymous with craftsmanship and passion for 40 years, thanks to hearty and delicious meats from our region – Uniquely prepared and delectably spicy.

Quality is an overriding priority for us so that connoisseurs can enjoy our products. We go all the way for honest, local, unique, expert and proud fare. It makes us popular with chefs, foodies and gourmets.

We have got our name from Jan Breydel, the leader of the Bruges butchers' guild in 1300. Together with his companion Pieter De Coninck, he was the central figure of the resistance by the Klauwaarts against the French-minded Leliaards which escalated during the Matins of Bruges. This uprising led directly to the Battle of the Golden Spurs on 11 July 1302. Jan Breydel stood and stands for purity and loyalty. Breydel is true to the tradition of its famous butcher's name and focuses on quality and authenticity.

Breydel is onest.

We are an open company, where visitors are welcome and where guests can enjoy cosy gastronomy. Thanks to our short chain, we moreover ensure that every morsel of meat is fully (100%) traceable, from farm to fork. So you know what you're eating.

open company visits for groups
delicious tasting sessions
short chain: from farm to fork
fully (100%) traceable
fair pricing
Breydel is ocal.

We supply 100% Belgian meat prepared the time honoured traditional way. Farms in the immediate vicinity breed livestock exclusively for us. Fodder is mixed with local residues of human food at the farm. In this way, we limit our environmental footprint while reducing traffic jams. We support the local economy, offer jobs in Belgium, and as an energy-efficient company are fully committed to sustainability. Corporate social responsibility is day-to-day practice for us.

Maximal focus on residues of human food
better income for farmers
all partners within a 25-km radius
restriction of medicinal products
energy-efficient company with solar panels and water treatment in particular.
Breydel is nique.

We entrust locally and sustainably produced meat and a spice mix according to a secret family recipe to a special installation: a replica of an authentic oven brought over by the Americans during the landing in Normandy in World War II. It gives our products an unrivalled taste. We combine traditional craft with sustainable modern techniques. Our food safety standards exceed the legal requirements by far. Traditional butchers and selected supermarkets are keen to offer our products.

Longer breeding time
unique recipes
attention for humans and the environment
gluten-free products
available from traditional butcher
and selected supermarkets
Breydel is xpert.

We have 40 years of growing expertise. We know our profession through and through because we dare specialize in a specific supply of oven-baked pork. We challenge ourselves constantly to create as high a quality and as delicious a product as possible. Our recipe: We combine excellent ingredients with the passion of our staff. Breydel ham and Breydel bacon are consequently recognized as regional products by the VLAM (Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board).

love for the profession and for pigs
ongoing innovation
extensive quality system
specialized assortment
Breydel is roud.

Proud of our traditional delicacies. Proud of our conviviality. Proud of our tradition and quality. But above all, proud of our people. We are a family owned and run company, where management, workers, suppliers and our customers are part of the large Breydel family. A company where people can come home, enjoy, have a blast and be proud. Proud of everything from here, but also with a broad view of the world. That is why we support local social projects as well as projects in the South with equal conviction.

motivated workers
enjoyable folk festivals
social projects in the South
appreciated by chefs and foodies
traditional delicacies