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Company tour

Enter Breydel and get inspired by the multifaceted and exciting story behind Breydel. During this three-hour company tour, we will take you through the entire production process. Experience first-hand how we create these unique delicacies.

We will show you, among other things, how we focus on sustainability through the implementation of ecological and environmentally friendly systems and practices. You can also learn more about our numerous events and our social engagement. The tour is of course concluded with a tasting session!
Feel at home
at Breydel


  • We welcome visitors throughout the year.
  • Our doors are open from Monday to Thursday 9.00 am-1.00 pm.
  • Our building is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • We can accommodate groups of 20 to 60 people. Smaller groups can join ongoing tours.
  • The tour costs €10 per person.
  • At the end of the tour each person will receive a discount voucher worth €4!

Contact us directly at 09 389 69 80 or via e-mail. Feel free to contact us for special packages or to submit creative questions.

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